Originally, planned as a Podcast, discussing relevant topics with common people, but serious lack of bandwidth led to delay. And then COVID struck.Relaxing at home, Studios are shut, so we decided to ZooooM. And here we are.
This is a casual conversation with common people, experts, entrepreneurs, founders, professionals. We ask them about their journey, life, defining moment, love, passion, and of course some failures, triumphs over their journey.

Priyanka Arora - Pilot, Author, Entrepreneur

Chintan Vora - Founder & Director at Digital Latte

Amey Asuti - Head Orange Videos and Futureready Media

Aakanksha Gupta, Founder of The Other Circle

Samir Sairaiya - Founder, ThatsPersonal.com

Mitesh Rangras - Chef

Dr. Munjaal Kapadia- Director with Namaha Healthcare, Mumbai and Ramaben Hospital, Navsari

Jay Vikram Bakshi - Business Journalist

Charles Assis - Co-founder at Founding Fuel, a learning platform & co-author of "The Aadhaar Effect: Why The World’s Largest Identity Project Matters."

Dupinder Sandhu - Loyalty and Consumer Advocacy Consultant

Kshitij Banker - RJ, Playback Singer, Performer

Gaurav Puranik - Entrepreneur, Business Automation

Chhavi Sachdev - Podcast Producer & Consultant, Sonologue

Syamant Sandhir - Head @Futurescape



  • 02 June, 20

    Samir Saraiya

    Profession : Entrepreneur, Founder - Thatspersonal.com

  • 04 June, 20

    Kshitij Banker

    Profession : RJ, Playback Singer, Performer

  • 06 June, 20

    Dupinder Sadhu

    Profession : FMCG, Retail Professional, Entrepreneur

  • 09 June, 20

    Mitesh Rangras

    Profession : Chef, Hospitality Expert, Consultant

  • 11 June, 20

    Charles Assisi

    Profession : Co-founder - Founding Fuel, Award-winning Journalist

  • 13 June, 20

    Jai Vikram Bakshi

    Profession : Ex Biz journalist, Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur

  • 16 June, 20

    Dr. Munjaal Kapadia

    Profession : Director - Namaha Healthcare & Ramaben Hospital

  • 18 June, 20

    Sameer Malkani

    Profession : Co-Founder of FBAI, Education Specialist & Consultant